My Misfortune.

I have shared a story here about this guy before. 

When I was almost fifteen, I met this guy online, he was nineteen.  His lies started right then and there.  He was a pathological liar, he didn't know how to stop, I don't think.  I don't have time list his lies, but I have listed them in a story I wrote recently.  If you ever find it, then you're in for a good laugh. 

To him, I was like molding clay.  I was young, had never been in a relationship, innocent, sweet, naiive.  It didn't take me too long to realize that he was a liar (when he was taking lines from comedy central stand-up, and me later seeing those same acts on comedy central).  But by that point, he had already lured me.  He told me he loved me, and I believed him.  He even sent me a birthday gift three weeks after we started talking (which I never lived down).

The first time I noticed something weird about him, one night we were talking and he was just being unusually grouchy.  He then started with the negativity and morbidity that I grew accustomed to for three years.  He told me how he was bad for me, and I should just go, he wanted to die...  Had no purpose in this world.  He did all these things to get me to make a fuss over him, see, and I did. 

Three months into it, two days after Christmas, I didn't get his usual call.  We'd talked the night before and things had been fine.  I waited and waited, one day turned into one week, one week turned into a month.  Exactly a month to the day, almost like he'd planned it, he finally responded to my texts.  His excuse for me was that he wanted to "make me tough" also to "see if I would stick around".  It was one of his "tests".  Well, I accepted him back into my life.  The lies and manipulation continued and worsened. 

We would go months talking, and suddenly he'd stop talking to me altogether.  Months or weeks would go by and he'd come back, as if nothing had happened.  I was his toy.  His amusement.  I would cry and cry.  When we were on good terms, and I was feeling more "in love" than ever, I would panic and freak out, fearing that he was going to stop talking to me that day, because that is how he operated.  He wouldn't just stop talking to me after a fight.  He'd stop talking to me in a really good time.

Then he'd come back, and I'd be there, the faithful dog.  If I went anywhere, whether it was with friends or family, I had to have my phone on.  Or he'd freak out.  We had to text non stop.  But, if he stopped texting me at some point and I sent him messages, he would call me a "psycho" and a "crazy *****".  One day he'd be as sweet as pie, the next day he would sit there and tell me about how he wanted to die.

He was controlling me from five hundred miles away.  I got a vibrator and he freaked out and told me to stop using it because it would ruin my nerve endings and when we finally got to meetand have sex, he wouldn't be able to please me.  He made me do certain things, wear certain scents...  And he wasn't even with me.

He always made me feel like my beliefs were wrong.  He would criticize me and call me stupid.  He was on drugs, so not only would he tell me that he was going to OD, just to get a rise out of me, he would tell me that when we finally got together, I would have no choice but to do drugs as well (at least weed). 

Finally, after three years it ended.  He calls me, psychopathically, nearly everyday.  But I don't answer anymore.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Lucky for me I did find the person who treats me like a queen =D And I am so happy for it.

Wow you are lucky to be rid of him I agree with unicorn59 on that one! I know thats hard to see at first especially if you felt like at one time you were in love with him. He sounds like a control freak not to mention a game pla<x>yer! I hope you find someone else who is real nice and treats you good! You deserve someone so much better! Just know and believe that!

It sucks so bad.

Wow! I'm sorry you had to go through that. I know that had I gone to live with him in FL, he would have ended up hurting me in a physical way.<br />
<br />
He used to tell me that he refused to have children, because he hates this world. He knew I wanted children in life more than anything. So he told me that if I ever became pregnant with his child, he would punch me in the stomach, or he would put an abortion pill in my drink.<br />
<br />
The things he said like this really disturbed me. He questioned and criticized my beliefs and had me convinced that I was wrong about everything I stood for, like when he told me that only "real women" have abortions.