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A Heartbreak That Left Me Heartless...

I was with a guy for a little bit over a year we knew each other before we started our relationship. He was charming, romantic, sweet, and cute!! I loved everything thing about this guy his flaws and all, until he hurt me. This guy hurt me to the core, it was my FIRST real relationship and the experience sucked. I would do everything for him even financially. I didn't have a problem with it since he was my boyfriend, but I failed to realize that he was using me. I love you were 3 simple words they didn't mean a thing to him especially since he thought beating up on me was normal. He ruined me!! I'm a emotional wreck!! I give guys 0 chances, I can't open up to anyone trying to pursue me, and I push them away. I don't want to be this bitter girl. I want to be able to move past this baggage and start back dating!! Where do I start....
Vivalefleur Vivalefleur 18-21, F Feb 10, 2013

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