Cinderella Gone Bad

Once not long ago I had my cinderella story. I met  him at the club I worked at through mutual friends. He was here studying as a pilot with the Italian Air force, he was beautiful, like he stepped out of a GQ mag, anyways, we hit it off really well, I met his family, and when he went back to Italy we continued the relationship. I made my first trip there and stayed 4 months, and he proposed on a cliff, by a litehouse, overlooking the ocean, ahhh.... sorry, we continued the travels back and forth, around Christmas I found out I had cancer( first bout) I didn't tell anyone I wanted the holidays to be nice, after the holidays I told him and my family, he took it hard; soon I started to notice he was a little different and when he was out with friends there was always another girl around at first it did not bother me but then she was ALWAYS there, few months passed, I had surgery, and he called the day after and broke the engagement off.. like it was nothing, I cried, then I cursed and then got angry. He gave no explanation. My parents had already bought my wedding dress, i was workig on dual citizenship, I gave up my home and car, everything, and it was over with a phone call. He called a year later and apologized, his reason, he couldn't handle me sick or thought of me not having children,, nice huh.. he also informed me he had married ( the girl I was always hearing around him). I was upset for a long time, I did forgive him and once in a blue moon we say hello,  I realized  I am lucky, I may have lost someone, but he wasn't the one, and someone else is out there he just haven't found each other.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

My heart goes ut to you. However he does seem like a man with no charactor at all! I mean marriage is supposed to be for richer or for poorer. He would never be able to live up to that. You should get down on your knees and scream into the heavensm "Thank you God!!!" Man, you barely missed a bullet. He sounds like a horrible man.<br />
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You could be like me and get stuck in a marriage with so love or committment. Believe me, it's better to be alone than to be in this hell-hole.<br />