I Think I Have It....


No fever; yet.  But I have a sore throat, a head ache, my chest hurts.  I have a cough and I have had un upset tummy for a couple days now.  I feel exhausted; no matter how much I sleep.  I feel really weak.

So, I am pushing fluids while I can.  I took some extra vitamin C and Airborne vitamins.  I think I will defrost a chicken and make some chicken noodle soup for everyone too in my crockpot.  

I feel like crapola.

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7 Responses Oct 29, 2009

The cough and the chest pain is killer. Other than that, thanks to Tamiflu, we have all be doing really well. My youngest two didn't get it - they are on Tamiflu for preventative treatment. My oldest was 99% better in 48 hours thanks to Tamiflu. He looked like DEATH WARMED OVER when he initially came down with it. I havent seen him that sick since he had the RotoVirus when he was 18 months old (he was hospitalized and even spent the night in the ICU!)

Oh, I hope there's a healthy adult in your house to take care of your son! I was very lucky in that I was the only one who had H1N1 in the house, and my ex took care of the girls the whole time.<br />
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But it will pass, of course. The fever was actually the most bothersome thing to me (except for the cough that lasted for 4 weeks) so I hope you continue to do well in that regard...

Its the healthy people that die....My immune system is like, Oh yeah, we are sick again. This is nothing new. Your immune system totally over reacts and shuts down your important organs. That is why its so important for the generally healthy ones to get on tamiflu ASAP

The H1N1 vaccine has been widely available in Canada....I have heard of long lines, but not stories of not being able to get it (I watch Canadian news every night). Seems strange that they have it and here it is so difficult to get, if you can get it at all.<br />
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NGNM~keep me posted on your piggy flu!! :-(

I got the flu shot. <br />
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My son has swine flu. I have the same symptoms that he has. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the N1H1 vaccine as it has not been available here.

Oh, no, that's not good.

Be careful, NGNM. I hope you get over it soon. It's already been through my house twice. Watch out for relapses. A lot of people here have thought they were better and then relapsed a couple of days later worse than before.