So Much Time ...

I make it sound bad don't I. Hmm ... elaboration! ... I have been extremely busy. Work is picking up. I no longer have time to sit and twiddle my thumbs for countless hours. I mean not that it wasn't fun or anything I was able to amuse myself for all of two minutes and then just be completely miserable with myself. ................. Ugh ....... anyway ........ yea work is doing good. At home its another story. I've been keeping myself busy there too. Whether it is lounging on the couch or in my room or creating things. I've managed to get back into my hobbies. After watching them collect dust for a while I figured I'd put them to use. I've come up with some really creative ideas ... although others find them to be incredible I always seem to find some flaw and I end up not liking it. But that is usually how it is when you are the creator of a piece, you never seem to give yourself the credit you apparently deserve. *sigh* .... life overall is okay. Nothing to jump around and do cartwheels about. I could be a whole lot better but life IS what we make of it. I just happened to screw mine up. But that is why we fall, to pick ourselves back up. And of course we'd like that little help, but it just seems like when you want that help, it isn't anywhere to be found. And it's always some specific kind of help. I mean ... help is everywhere it's just a matter of asking for it, but sometimes there is just something specific you are looking for. ... I'd rather not get into it. I've been doing a lot of thinking too .... usually thinking and solving the issues in your mind are a good thing. For me it is completely opposite. For me, thinking is like releasing the lions at the zoo and locking all the visitors in the zoo so they can't get out. Obviously we know who is going to win that battle unless someone finds the tranquilizer gun. Haha! That was kinda funny. *high five* .... I kind of like afternoons like this .... I feel all content, like I could go on a random drive to absolutely no where and find it absolutely fascinating. Well I probably won't do that ... you've seen the gas prices. No ... I think I'll go home and wind down with a nice cold beer. *shrugs* .... works for me =)
LosingIt LosingIt
22-25, F
May 10, 2007