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i was not always fat when i was born i weighed 10 pounds and i reilly started gaining weight when i was in 4Th grade now i am in the 9Th grade and i weigh 268 pounds I'm am so sick of looking like this the girls at my school call me cute and stuff some even call me sexy eyes and some of theme  says that i would be hot if i was skinny  i need some help i have friends already but i feel like they are making fun of me when my back is terned and it reilly makes me depressed i had reilly good Friends that supported me and helped me try to lose weight  in my old school but i haved moved and now and idk what to do i need help and support that my friends gave me when i was at  my old school so some one out there plz help me thx and i will try to help you ok  bye
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You need help and you need motivation! Make your personal appointment on wellness.consultancy@yahoo.co.uk and you will receive FREEEEEEEEE evaluation of your weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, physique rating, visceral fat level, and metabolic age, as well as a weight-lose programm specially made for you! And what is the most important: personal contact with wellness coach who will give you tips to stay motivated.<br />
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i will love to help you, have blackberry? add my pin:220d93a5

i have pretty much the same prolem,except that i don't think my friends make fun of me behind my back,but,who knows.i really want to lose weight,but it's hard,especially cause i don't have almost any support.i was thinking about writing down every single thing i eat and just try to eat less and healthier.if you want to,we could do this together through messaging.

im fat to lol and i cudnt luv myself anymore than i do now because i ignore the bad comments and get on with my life rather than worrying wat other ppl say about u <br />
fing=d a good friend or two and live ur life <br />
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