The Thing That Bothers Me Most In My Life

my weight.  I have always been about 10-25 pounds overweight.  the only time i was ever close to skinny was when i used to use drugs years ago.  i would do just about anything BUT drugs now, to be thinner, maybe even eat a tapeworm (ha! kidding) but really if I didnt love food so much, i would be anorexic.  i have always, always been made fun of for being fat, always.  especially in high school.  i have this bright red hair so no one would leave me alone, they were always picking on me, like i was a big fat red target.  kids can be ridiculously cruel. and i love chocolate, i mean i REALLY love it, so its the first thing i run to when i feel bad inside.  which keeps the viscious cycle going, of course.  get fatter,  get made fun of more. 

my weight is more under control now but its something i have grown to HATE with a passion.  i try to accept myself the way i am but my own fat disgusts me.  i cant see a light at the end of the tunnel because i get so discouraged, even when i make progress i feel like its never enough.  i do things to control it like diet and exercise but the results arent immediate and drastic the way i want them to be so i give up. its sad.  all i want for myself is to be happy and it seems like being skinny would help.

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2 Responses Dec 20, 2007

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Well thank you. I appreciate the advice, and will keep those thoughts in mind while I battle this. I understand what youre saying but dont know how easy it will be for me to apply. I keep feeling hopeless. I do believe I am beautiful, good, and worthwhile. I just want so bad to have that perfect body that other women have so easily, even though I realize it wont ever be that easy for me. My metabolism isnt the same as theirs. I still want it though. I would settle for looking as good as I possibly can, but 25 pounds seems like soooo much to lose :/ At any rate, thank you so very much.