Yes I Am Bbw

i know what you mean i have been fat all my life just more now !!!!

i would like to lose weight but its hard to do by myself . ya know what i mean ???

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I have been fat all of my entire life!! I weighed 8lbs 12 1/2 oz/when I was born and have not lost anything at all.I have used basically every diet in the book to try to lose weight and and I would lose a few lbs here or there but always gain it right back when I stopped the diet. i even used the Sumersize plan for about 6 mos and lost 85 lbs which was great but I guess that after eating this at this time and not being able to have that if you ate this can mix this with that it got old quick and just was not something that I could live with. Sooo I guess the best way for one person is not the best for all to lose huh! I am now in the process of loing weight though by doing a very simple thing.... I do not eat a actual meal for breakfast I drink glucerna which is a drink kinda like ensure it is high in protein and low in calories. It only has 140 cal. as a matter of fact. Then at lunch I do eat a normal size lunch or either a subway sandwich if I am out and about or I may go to the chineese restrauant and frab something healthy. then for dinner I drink another GLUCERNA and I eat approximately 18-24 sweet potato tater tots that I have baked in the oven for about 45 mins. then for my bedtme snack i eat a cup of greek yogurt so far i have lost @65lbs. I have a lot more to lose this is for sure but when you are as big as I am it takes yr or more to lose the weight even with surgery (which i hope to fet in july) you still are behind the 8 ball soo far that you just can't lose it overnight!!!! check out the vertical sleeve operation.......i had it done this month sofa lost 15 pounds, wish i had done it sooner......

I can help walk you thru weightloss if your very serious. Ill be with you the whole step of the way. along with other people who share your exact feelings. If interested please check out. or You dont have to go thru anything alone. Ill be your weight loss coach and will help you step by step thru everything. Until you reach your goals. i lost 2 lbs in 3 days so far.

Check this out!!!!!go to ( BUT IT'S ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!Got to see this for youer self.Good Luck.

I am sorry about your situation. If you dont have money to see a therapist, doctor or find someone you can confide in the best you can do is to START WALKING! Your size may not allow you to walk fast or far at first but you have to start. Do 5 to 15 minutes each way the 1st week. Increase it the next week and keep increasing your walks in 5-15 minute increments until you are walking 1 hour per day. Once you are comfortable with 1 hour per day (you can do 30 mins morning and 30 mins evening) or 1 hour straight. Take it up to 90 minutes a day especially during weekends. You will see progress after one month. Keep going until you reach your desired weight. When you reach a plateau you will then have to move on to more energetic aerobics and weights.<br />
<br />
While you out walking, keep smiling, you are doing this for you because you love yourself. You will feel so good about yourself you will not think of food or eating. As you walk dont take money or your credit cards with you. Leave those at home - you will not be tempted to buy food, junk or otherwise. Take a bottle of water only. You will be saving money that way and doing something good for your body and mind.<br />
<br />
When you are at home, if you have a computer and internet service, go online and search for healthy eating websites. Get hooked on learning about nutrition and what certain foods do to your body and get tips to help you along your path to being healthy again. To learn about foods go to Good luck.

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BBWs are hotter than skinny girls. Whenever I see "before" and "after" pics on weight loss commercials, the "before" pictures are always hotter than the "after"

yes . i have heard that before . and i also tell if you dont like what ya see turn your head !!!!!!

I love this bold, confident statement! I don't quite fit into this group, because as a child I was the one everyone declared had tape worms, I was so scrawny! As a teen though I was thick. Not fat, I had good thick muscle tone on a 5'1 body that made me look overweight. I was healthier then than ever in my life! My family doc. was surprised at my physical abilities and bloodwork, because at first he wanted to just list me as overweight. Now, I've lost the toning and I'd have to say I'm over what I should be. But I don't stress much on it. Haven't you heard, " I may be fat, but you're ugly, and I can diet!"