17 And Counting

I am now down to 109kg "17 stone or near enough. Iv lost 6 stone and continue to do so.
its not easy ,you really got to want this more then anything in the world and be dedicated and have strong will because there are days that you feel like your want to give up ,there are days where you slip up or go off track ,but its important that you are not hard on yourself if you go off track.

I lost weight ,only to put it back on over the holidays "that was my slip up" there are days like today when iv eaten to much "iv eaten to much 3 days in a row" but I know I can safely do this if I keep up exercise and eat better for the next week or so.

at the end of the day exercise is the key. you can be 20 stone or maybe more or less and if you can manage ,set small goals, it may be 30 mins walk ,1 mile, 2 miles or whatever ,then slowly increase it ,keep it up and if there is something you enjoy ,it could be sport, it could be cycling or football or some kind of sport , you can use this to get fit.

I started out walking , I got up to 8 miles I would go out each day but I started at just a mile to begin with.

after I got bored of walking ,I got a mounting bike and I did 10 miles ,soon that went up to 14 miles, then 21 miles.

if you take the lift or escalator ,take the stairs, if you drive to work ,maybe walk or cycle. be creative.

weight loss does not always need to be about diet and expensive methods. it can be free or cheap.
sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
May 9, 2012