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I am 29 years years old, and I am obese.  I was 226 at the time of birth of my daughter at age 20.  Today I am HUGE at 302.  I feel I have no self worth. No confidence. Im ashamed to go anywhere in public. I dont even know half my husbands friends because I am so embarassed of the way I look, and Im afraid they will judge me or him for being with someone so fat.

I keep going on diets lost 15 or 20 and then i get back off. I recently bought a treadmill and walking 2 minutes makes me feel like Im dying. I tell myself if I just do it a little everyday then eventually it will get easier.
Im just so lonely. A little over a year ago my family and I moved out of my home state where all of my family and friends were. Now we are in a small town and I just have no friends no one to talk to so I came online searching for maybe someone in my situation I can talk to.
I NEED to lose this weight for myself and my daughter and Id love more than anything to have another baby, but being this big would be too dangerous and also because Im so big my body doesnt ovulate :(

Im just at a loss...... if anyone would like to talk or has any kind words for me Id greatly appreciate it
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online so we can talk

I feel for you hun! If you want to lose weight the healthy way try Advocare. You're going to have to buckle down and eat right. I know it's hard but you have to stay committed and don't give up! I don't know you but I have faith in you that you can do this. If not for you...then your child. You have to tell yourself daily that I'm doing this for myself and my child. You got this, you can do it!!! www.advocare.com/120710588 24 day challenge or try the meal replacement shakes to start. Keep in touch, I would love to stay in contact with you to see how you're doing.

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Oh my I can't believe all the products offer spam on here...oh well just ignore it I guess.<br />
I too am overweight and have no control over my eating. I know how you feel. I weigh under 200 but it doesnt matter the number, I know how out of control you feel. <br />
Did you try to write down what you eat? It works sometimes for me. I set a goal to eat say 2000 calories a day and write down what I eat. If you do eat 2000 calories a day you will I guarantee lose weight. Maybe not 10 pounds in a month but surely steadily you will lose. <br />
Now thats easier said than done. Some weeks the journaling works for me and some it doesn't. <br />
I am also wondering what I will do to get back to where I was which was eating healthy and feeling good about myself until hte last year and a half when I gained 20+ pounds. <br />
And the funny thing is when I'm like this its not about the food. When I eat too much and I think about food I think there is nothing enjoyable to eat in my house. But I just eat eat eat without even enjoying it. Just to fill my fat stomach.

I can definitely help you with your weight loss goals. I too have struggled with weight loss until now. I am using a product called "Xyng" which is helping me to lose weight fast, increase my energy, eliminate my cravings, suppress my appetite and so much more. <br />
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You can begin losing weight immediately. I felt changes in my body on day 1. The key to losing weight is being healthy and making a lifestyle change. <br />
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I can help.

Thanks and sure Id love to chat... I have heard that fertilaid helps women ovulate.. Not sure if you have heard of it. Even tho getting pregnant at my weight wont be very healthy I still really want a baby so I have just started taking it. So Im hoping it will work. Maybe it can for you too. I read a lot of reviews. Maybe you could google it or go to amazon and read reviews. Have you talked to a dr about getting pregnant? Mine told me to try and lose 35 pounds and we could try some fertility treatments but thats expensive so for now Ill give these a shot.

Wow your story is so similar to mine. I am big at 300lbs. I met my husband online and moved to be with him. He lives in a small town. I have been here a little over 2 years now and I have no friends here. I want to have a baby but am not ovulating either due to being overweight. I would love to talk to u more and share some stories. Here for support if you want it.