I Wouldn't Say I Was "fat" But I've Always Been Very Overweight As Long As I Can Remember.

I remember when i was around 8 and i was over 100 lbs! I would always be on diets but never follow through with it and go right back off,the most i've ever lost was when i was 11 and i had to of lost around 50 lbs or so,i was going to daycare everyday during the week and we would be outside pretty much all day,everyday and we would just have a snack around 3pm and that would be just like a pack of snack crackers or something like that,was never really much.And i would go home about 6pm eat dinner and that would be it till 11pm or so and i would have snack,i would still eat alot but not enough to still cause gaining weight because of all the activity i would do all day at daycare.But i stopped going about 12 and then i put every bit of the weight back on fast.Because i have spina bifida and that causes alot of trouble with my walking and stuff,the only activity i got at daycare was the swings and at home i didn't have none of that so when at home i could pretty much only sit down.So here i am now 18 and 210 lbs and 5'1 i don't like how i look but i can't really help it,i don't have the willpower to really stay away from overeating and i can't exercise much so i'm pretty much stuck right now:( If you can,please help me by contacting me on formspring,my username is LukeBryanFan18,it's a free service so you guys don't have to worry about that! Just let me know who you are and that your from EP! Thank you for reading this:)Have a great day/night:) Btw,i grew up in goodlettsville tennessee now i'm in this city i'm showing:)
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Yeah,i seen it. I can't buy anything like that. I don't have the money unfortunatly, also i don't wanna do diet pills i wanna do this naturally! Lol,but if you can help me in any other way please do! Thanks though! :)