I Want to Commit Fat-life Suicide

I want this fat thing to be over. I want to kill the outside of me that is not me and be me through and through and through.

I want this to be the end! I want more.

I'm only 21, there's still time, right?
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I hope you are still alive to read this. <br />
<br />
I am sorry about your situation. If you dont have money to see a therapist, doctor or find someone you can confide in the best you can do is to START WALKING! Your size may not allow you to walk fast or far at first but you have to start. Do 5 to 15 minutes each way the 1st week. Increase it the next week and keep increasing your walks in 5-15 minute increments until you are walking 1 hour per day. Once you are comfortable with 1 hour per day (you can do 30 mins morning and 30 mins evening) or 1 hour straight. Take it up to 90 minutes a day especially during weekends. You will see progress after one month. Just keep at it and never give up. Eat a light dinner of mixed salad and grilled chicken, turkey or fish instead. Dribble 1 tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice and a dash of salt on the salad. Or light italian dressing. Do not use the other creamy dressings. <br />
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While you out walking, keep smiling, you are doing this for you because you love yourself. You will feel so good about yourself you will not think of food or eating. As you walk dont take money or your credit cards with you. Leave those at home - you will not be tempted to buy food, junk or otherwise. Take a bottle of water only. You will be saving money that way and doing something good for your body and mind.<br />
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When you are at home, if you have a computer and internet service, go online and search for healthy eating websites. Get hooked on learning about nutrition and what certain foods do to your body and get tips to help you along your path to being healthy again. To learn about foods go to WHFoods.com. Good luck.

I'm a personal trainer in Jacksonville. I'm also a bbw admirer but I specialize in helping people lose weight. Let me know if I can help.

Being over-weight is not a CRIME, although our society often likes to equate it with perhaps shall we say Murder j/k. You can lose weight if you want, we all KNOW how to do it, but often chose not too and that is a personal CHOICE. BUT being over weight is NOT a crime and should not equate you with being lazy or stupid. For the LARGE amount of people who think that way, well they are simply ignorant and i chose not to have ignorant people in my life. If someone is SO shallow to judge your humanity by your appearance, than shame on THEM. It seems that it is ok in our society to berate overweight people, it's a prejudice that our society ALLOWS. Well who cares? If i am 20lbs overweight but LIKE who i am, than the weight is MY issue, NO ONE else's. Don't let our society make you feel bad about yourself, or even waste your energy on it, there are far more better things you can do with your time AND if you want to lose the weight than GO for it, you know what to do, eat less and MOVE more. Hang in!!

and of course you dont know in time to dump someone for being a superficial loser...but even then i contradict myself

I know how you feel...I recently got dumped for being too fat :'(