Gastric At 20 Years Old...

I have been heavy my whole life! I can remember playing sports and being the biggest girl on the team, even though to me, I wasnt big at all! In high school I wore a size 18-20 in jeans! Mostly wore baggy clothing so no one could see my fat rolls! All of my friends have been skinny and they used to always borrow each others clothing and what not...I just wanted to know, just once, what it was like to borrow this cute outfit to go out or that cute outfit to go clubbin! Although I have been overweight my entire life, I have never let that hold me back from doing things, such as having a boyfriend *really hot ones I might add* or goin out with my friends to the clubs, or school dances, dates, the beach, pools, things like that! When I went to college I was 235lbs. I was very overweight for my height and I wanted to do something about it! I did cocaine to lose all the weight I could! I lost 25lbs in a month and then I got pregnant just to gain it all back! After I had my son I put on so much weight I was embarrassed to go ANYWHERE! so I started seeing a doctor to get gastric bypass. I weighed in at 278lbs on Oct 31, 2006 the day of surgery. I Now weigh 216lbs three months later! And part of me thinks I did have surgery to make myself look better, and NOT to be healthy like I told everyone! But on the brighter side, I can play with my son, I have fun at the gym and I feel so much better about myself since I get all these awesome compliments!
lucky13 lucky13
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2007