Thirty Years

Just over 10 pounds per year.

I remember being 9 years old and already having a 32-inch waist. I was 130 pounds. By 13, I was 230 pounds and had a 38-inch waist.

I have a picture of when I was five, my birthday party. I looked like an apple; that's how round I was. It takes a lot of work to undo something that's been with you your entire life -- I don't even know what being a healthy weight feels like! -- but I'm getting there, slowly.
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That it is an appreciations for your story .<br />
Been a kid and growing a man, finding yourself in the mirrow and juging yourself taking a look around the world, but most of all in the past , in history of human been, when there were a big efort to realy have what to eat , and wait fot that and hunt for that.<br />
not to skiny not to big , just to fill yourself a kid , just to have the same nice look ,<br />
lucky you, to have the power the reason to do , a big change for all that see how more and more you fight to be<br />
that skiny person , funny thee