Fingered Legs, Genitals At New Years Eve 2013 Party!!!


I attended an all-lez party at a well-know club, in the U.S. "district" just blocks from Capitol Hill. A cold night outside, I arrived inside at 10 pm and gradually, about 300+ showed up. I wore a cute, plastic, multicolored "Happy New Years!!" tiara on top of my blond head, while sporting a black sweater blouse, black sweater skirt, wearing knee high boots with black Haines "Silk Reflections" pantyhose. As the night progressed, I got lots of high fives from "butches" who thought I was sooooo hot, cute and feminine. Later, two really sweet and hot girls bought me a free beer, each, then, began reaching under my sweater blouse to tickle my slightly-haired armpits, then, the pantyhosed knee areas above my boots. Shortly, the three of us sat next to a group of four others--all wearing skirts, black knee high boots and pantyhose. Soon, we started slowly touching the soft leather lining on our boots, then, the hosed legs and knees above the boots. Then, all of a sudden, two of the girls quickly uplifted their skirts and mine, and we tickled our genital areas covered with hose, using rough hand strokes, for several seconds. This was soo liberating and exhilarating and, we looked at each other with happy faces, really trusting each other. Sadly, we had to soon stop due to onlookers and being afraid we might get kicked out. This party went on til 4 am and I managed to drive back to a nearby state outside D.C. without being pulled over for drunk driving.
steviewonderful steviewonderful
Jan 6, 2013