Getting Fingered In The Car While Driving

My bf and I went out one night clubbing (which has been soo long), I was driving back home when he took his **** out and I start ed playing with it. I was wearing a short dress, when I entered highway, he put my tights and panties lower and strated fingering me, all the while kept saying looking at the road. I started moaning hard, putting my wait up to get his fingers deeper inside me. I was soo wet! I looked at my speedometer and it was 150km/hr, and the limit is 120!!!! Thats when he he took his fingers out and licked them. This was the hottest and wildest experience i ever had!!! Ive done crazy things before but never while driving myself.... It was impossible to look in front, and still manage to put indicators and pass other cars!!! You should all definitely try it once, you will love it!!!
nastlover nastlover
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1 Response Mar 6, 2011

Hot story.
I did something like this to a former GF (laid my head in her lap as she drove and sucked on her **** down the interstate).