And I Am Used to It

When I was just over a yeaar old, i grabbed a wine glass from a counter top and took off running.  Sliding across the hardwood floors, I fell onto the glass.  The injury resulted in 18 stitches to the wrist.  Flash forward to age three.  Winter in Minnesota.  Massive icicles hang from every roof top.  My older brother is desperately trying to break the biggest one loose for me.  I am looking right u at it.  Snap!  Crack!  And an icicle in the face.  This, amazingly, resulted only in six stitches to the bridge of the nose.  In the coming years I would face, broken legs, ankles, and arms.  Abcessed teeth and horrendous ear infections.  Whooping cough and Mono, sinus infections, chronic bronchitis, insomnia.  A broken neck.  Brain Cancer.  I dont know what it is like to NOT be sick.  I dont know what it is like to NOT hurt, to NOT visit the emergency roomm at last once a month.  I take 23 prescribed pills a day.  And still the migraines come.  I go totally natural, holistic, faith healing, energy work.  And still I get nosebleeds and pink eye.

Will I ever be well?
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There was a study in a recent New Scientist amusingly titles "oops, he did it again", it described a population study of people who seem to suffer more accidents and misfortunes then other people, unfortunately there seems to be no way of telling who these people are or why things are so crazy for them<br />
Me, I was a quite kid who kept safe, stupidest thing I did was flying-jump-kick a doorway, 16 stitches right on my hairline, a lucky scar I think.

wow, you must be a very strong person to have dealt with all that. and so young too. i believe, and it's only me that god never gives you more than you can handle (i dunno sometimes) and that things happen for a reason (i dunno sometimes) i have panic disorder, anxiety disorders, social phobia, and depersonalization. all mental and emotional issues i realize, but as one doctor put it to me... it's my "lot in life"

I appreciate the sympathy, but, at the same time, I dont think I should "be felt sorry for" as this is just my lfe, it is just the hand I have to play. I understand where you are coming from, too, as emmotional pain attaches itself to everything in life (at least mine.) It is comforting to know, thoguh, that I am not the only one who hurts.

I feel bad for you, but I feel the same way, only its emotional for me. My first sentance was "Mommy, why does Brent (my older brother) hate me?" So I kind of feel your pain, and I sypathise.