To Believe

I have been fooled to believe ...

that I am loved!

that I am selfish,

that I betrayed my loved ones trust,

that I can not be trusted,

that I can not be counted on,

It's a long list! I believed them all, and the guilt was heavy, but now that I think more clearly, I see how he made a fool out of me!

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

You were not fooled because the fool was me<br />
You needed to be loved, this all can see<br />
<br />
Yes I was hurt when you betrayed my trust<br />
Knowing that it ment more to you them mere lust<br />
<br />
I let you go because you had your own mind<br />
Loosen my grip,a shielded heart is always hard to find

Thank you GDG Girl, I think sometimes we let them fool us! you were strong enough to pull out and change your life for better. Thank you for such good example, I will try my best.

Funny how men can do that. My ex from a year ago did that one. Have always thought differenly after that one. Now I have a wonderful man in my life with a 12 year old son.