I Love My Stepdad....often

I returned to my mom's place after my second year of college to find she was dating a much younger man. He was cute and adoring to my mom who is goddess in her own right, but I was disinterested in making friends with someone who I thought wouldn't be around once she got bored. Surprisingly, they eloped and have been married for twenty years. I'd like to think I've helped with the longevity of the relationship by being a good step daughter and making sure everyone stayed satisfied in their happy home. My stepdad is quite athletic and very energetic. As the years passed, the age difference began to show. One weekend I was at their house while mom was at my sister's. Mom had always talked about what an incredible lover Jon was; he was into tantra techniques and unique positions. We were goofing around playing Wii yoga and he went to correct my position and gently, yet deliberately swept his hand across my visibly hard nipples, briefly cupping my braless ******* (I had on a tshirt and yoga pants with no bra or underwear - which I had worn to sleep in for years when staying at their house). I pretended like I didn't notice, but nipples got harder - revealing that I was very aware of his physical touch. He then stood directly behind me and I could feel his hard **** right between my butt cheeks. I reached around behind me where I could feel the soft, delicate skin of his **** head peeking out of the top of his sweat pants. Still facing forward, I felt his hands begin rubbing and massaging my *******...milking them from the base until he was pinching my nipples. I gently place both hands behind me arching my back and I begin to slightly touch his head. I feel the first drops of precum escape his ****, when he breaks the rub fest by taking me to my old bedroom and tells me to show him proper respect as a daughter. I quickly sit him on the bed, get down on my knees and begin to lap up the liquid drops readily escaping from the top of his member. I gently lick around the rim of his head all the while holding his balls and gently stroking the shaft. He moans - you're better than your mother...to which I reply - I haven't even ****** you yet daddy-O.
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May 18, 2012