After Dinner

This past weekend my wife and I and our kids were having dinner at the table when my wife told me that she had a suprise for me after dinner.

We finished eating and went into the living room for a drink. The kids came with us. I kept asking her what the suprise was, but she just kept telling me to wait. A little while later the door bell rang. My wife answered and when she came back into the living room, she had the landlord with her. I stood up and shook his hand and started asking what he was doing there. My wife told me to shut up and go sit in the chair in the corner. She immediately started undoing his pants and pulled out his ****. She bent down and sucked it for a minute and told me that this is a real ****. Not like the little thing I have. my son and daughter laughed and started undressing. My wife told me to take off my clothes and then get on my knees and suck his ****. I did as I was told, but could not fit him all the way in my mouth. After a couple of minutes she told me to get up and just watch while her and my daughter sucked him. Our son went over to them and they took turns sucking him and the landlord.

A few minutes later she made our son come over to me and ordered me on my knees. She told him to just face **** me. And he did, I thought I was going to throw up the way he was shoving his **** in and out of my throat. He pulled out and I looked over and saw the landlord ******* my wife doggystyle.

All of a sudden my son told me to bend over and he pushed me. I was on all fours, and did not expect this to happen, but my son mounted me and drove his **** hard into my ***. he started pumping me and told everybody to look what he was doing to me. He was only in me for about 3 minutes before he started filling me with his ***. I them stayed like that and watched my wife and daughter get ******. After the guy came in my wifes face my wife made me clean his ****.

Later we went to bed. When I got up in the morning to get my coffee, my son was up also. I was drinking a cup when he just took off his clothes and told me to get down and suck him. After a minute he told me to turn around and bend over, when I did he started ******* me again. I guess I woke my wife up, because she came in the kitchen a couple of minutes later and asked what was going on. I looked up at her, and my son just said "I am ******* our new *****."
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6 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Nice story, wish it was true.

Nice family experience

no doubt, you've been turned into a *****

If this I true wow and please add me

Ohhh can I suck your son and eat your daughters *****

Your wife is great. It would be good if you made some sort of arrangement with the landlord so that you never have to pay rent. Your wife & daughter could service him a few times a week maybe your daughter before school in the mornings & your wife at dinner.