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They Were My Best Friends

We're going to use fake names for the people in this. The 2 boys who raped me's fake names are Kyle and Alex. My fake name is Maddie.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My parents were away for the weekend on a vacation, and they left me with the house. My 2 best friends are Kyle and Alex. Kyle was 15, Alex was 16, and I was 14. Both of them were in highschool, so they got out an hour earlier than me. I was still in 8th grade, which was middleschool. All 3 of us were best friends. There were never any other kids in our neighborhood, so we had no choice but to be friends. I was walking home from school, and Kyle called to me from his window: "Hey Maddie! Wanna come over and play videogames?" I couldn't resist. I'm a huge tomboy, and I love video games. "Sure! Just let me drop off my backpack at my house!" After I dropped my backpack at my house, I hurried over to Kyle's house. The moment I stepped through his front door, an odd feeling swept over me. I ignored the feeling. "Kyle! Im here! What game are we playing?" I called. The door shut suddendly behind me. I turn to see Alex locking it up. "We're going to play a fun game." He said in a voice that didn't sound like his. Out of nowhere, Kyle flew at me and kicked me in the stomach. It knocked the wind out of me, and I fell to the ground. Alex then gave me a harsh kick in the face. I was dazed, and Alex then picked me up and threw me down the hard, wooden stairs, and I passed out. I woke up, and I was only wearing my bra and underwear. Alex and Kyle were standing a few feet away, and they walked towards me. They both touched me everywhere. Kyle then said, "Alex, you get her bra off, and I'll get her underwear. I want to see those b***s." Kyle pulled off my underwear, and Alex ripped off my bra. I was completely naked. Alex put his finger in me, and Kyle was touching my breasts. They eventually got bored and beat me. They kicked me and hit me with baseball bats. They then started to rape me Kyle got in the front and told me to suck his thing, while Alex got in the back and raped me there. It hurt so bad and tears started to roll down my face. Kyle and Alex switched spots multiple times. I started to wonder if this was all just a bad dream. I tried and tried to wake up, but obviously I couldn't. I started to sob. Alex saw me sobbing and got furious. He picked me up, sat me on a table and screamed at me: "WHY THE F*** ARE YOU CRYING?! YOU SHOULD BE F****** ENJOYING THIS! YOU F****** B****!" He started to slap me on the face. He slapped me so many times that everything went white. I could feel him slapping me, but all I could see was white. He suddendly stopped, picked me up, and threw me on the hard cement floor. He started to walk on me. Then he started to jump. I felt like I was going to break into 2 peices. He finally stopped, and Kyle began to rape me again. This time, he squeezed my throat hard and I could barely breathe. He stopped raping me, and Alex stomped on my stomach, making me pass out again. When I woke up, I heard them talking. I couldn't make out who was talking when, but heres what they said: "We'll rape her one more time then get rid of her." "How're we gonna get rid of her?" "IDK... we'll kill her." "NO! I DONT WANT TO KILL HER!" "Fine, we wont kill her, we'll................." I couldn't make out any more words they said. But in a few minutes they came back my way and raped me again. Alex told me that if I told anyone about this, he would beat me to death and torture my parents. They carried me to my house, and threw me inside. Alex gave me a final kick. "Stupid b****..." he muttered. They both walked away. It took me hours to crawl all the way up the stairs to my room. When I finally did, I put some clothes on. I then thought about whether I should call the police or not, and I decided that I should. I grabbed my cell phone, hid in my closet, and called the police. They also sent an ambulance to my house. The people in the ambulance found me in my house and took me to the hospital.

I later found out that I had a broken arm, foot, leg, a concusion, a broken hand, 3 broken fingers, and many more injuries. Kyle and Alex got punished like they deserved. I'll never forgive them for what they did to me. A few months after I was raped, a new girl my age moved into my neighborhood. Her name is Nicole, and we became instant friends. I told her about the time I was raped, and she didn't react the way I thought she would. I thought she would think I was a freak. Instead, she said that she loved the courage that came from me. I knew then that she would be my new best friend.

-Note that all the names used in here are fake for privacy reasons
SorrowHearts SorrowHearts 16-17, F 49 Responses Nov 19, 2011

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I'm so happy that you made a new friend and I hope you will be okay.

punished lol i just wanna know what happened to them they should of been arrested take all of they're crap and everything they own make there life hell

Please, stay strong. Its hard, to live with. But see yourself as a survivour and not a victim. X

that is terrible. how can any man /boy do such a thing?

you should of bit there dicks

omg i dont know what to i'll just say that im proud of you!! please stay this strong and dont ever let those ******* ruin your life

lots of love and best wishes
rahul :)

You did the right thing. Those boys deserved to be punished harshly....

wow ur tough! I'm glad u stood up and spoke out like that that was a lot of heart♥♥♥ and I'm gonna be more watchful of my friends especiallythe guys from now on!!♡♡

yeah you should! im also a guy but im gay so i can give an honest advise because i belong to both the gender - "always be mindful of what you do and where you go with guys"

So happy that you are recovering!

be strong..

THOSE BASTARD'S ARE MINE LIKE THE REST OF THESE MONSTER JAIL IS NOT PUNISHMENT IT IS A SAFE HOUSE FOR CRIMINALS BUT EVEN THAT WILL NOT PROTECT THEM FROM ME you have a lot of will in you you deserve a fantastic life and awesome friend's good luck in you'r life from me with the deepest respect and i'm so sorry for what happened to you because of those BASTARD DEMONS it's there fault not your's and don't let any one tell you different :)

Good for you!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that and am really proud you called the police. It's awesome you found a real friend to be honest with too.

Wooww u are amazingly brave

that's so harsh, hope you're moving on and putting this in the past

That's harsh kiddo how long were you friends with those bastards for anyway?

What a harrowing story! Please tell me they got sent down for life!

My dear,
It pains me indescribably so to read of your traumatic event, though it amazes and humbles me to read how you did not allow the brutality and cruelty of those boys to rob you of the human dignity you have and of the life you possess. You never know how strong you truly are until you have to be, and you my dear as an exceptionally strong young lady. May God bless you, and may your strength continue, and in turn strengthen others.

gosh i fell sowi 4 ya.were they animals or what.who does that.frist they rape u n then they beat u up.

This was a very hard thing for me to read. But I am glad you called the police, most people just try to forget about it. You are very strong and I admire you from that. I encourage you to go to counseling (if you don't already), that will make you stronger.

You are the bravest person I've heard of. They were terrible people. Don't think all men are the same. but my god. I admire your bravery. I was molested *not raped never told a soul. i was 15 he was 16-17 i dunno. i never said a thing. i wish i did. You are braver than me.

You are a strong woman. I think of you as a role model. You did the right thing. When I was raped, I had broken body parts too. I didn't tell anyone until a day later, ( I stayed in bed pretending to be sick ) and they drove me to the hospital. I waited. You- did the right thing. Bless you, bless your family, and bless your life.



I so feel that these raping guys should b made to cut their penises off
castrate those bloodsuckers shame to manhood

May God bless you.

Good u called the cops

sorry for you realy it is painfull momints al i know just be strong god blease you dont forgive them

sorry for you, good those nasty fellows got what they deserved, do not forgive them ever, they don't deserve 2 be forgiven.

I don't know what to say :'( <br />
<br />
I hope you stay strong all the days of your life. You are courageous for sharing you story. The time will come when all justice will be served. God bless your beautiful soul.

I'm sorry for what they did to you, it sickens me that they think they can get away with doing that to you, you got physically hurt and they, I assume, just got put behind bars, they should suffer the way you suffered.