When I was in school I was 15 and if fell for a guy named Scott, that was 17. My parents forbid me to be with him.

One friday at school, Scott said that he and some of his friends were going to have a field party saturday and if I could make it there. I said yes, I'll tell my parents that I'm staying over at Barbs. Then you can pick me up there.

He picked me up and went to the party. There were four other guys there. There was Bob, he was a senior, Kevin and Jon, I didn't know them and Jerry he was in his early twentys. Jerry was a "little slow" he was the custodian at the high school. He hung around the school boys because guys his age didn't want him around. He was allways dirty and smelled like hell. The kids called him "Green Teeth" because he was so filthy. Everyone would laugh about what a loser he was. Bob got up and gave us a beer. I noticed all the guys trying to check me out. I heard Jerry say under his breath I would !!! And the other guys laugh, which made me a little uncomfortable. . We started drinking beer and it only took about two or three to get me drunk. They were making nasty comments like, wow Scott shes got a nice ***. Does she give good head?
I was getting pretty drunk and Scott and I were making out. He unhooked my bra started to feel my breasts up. Then he said out loud, "Guys, want to see Brandys ****" I shouted No !!!!!! I struggled but he managed to get my top off infront of them.

I started to get up, but he grabbed me and forced me to the ground. Then next thing I knew they were all standing over me and pulling off my shorts and pantys off of me. They were fingering me. Scott told the others to hold her down, I'm first. I tried to yell that I was a virgin. But excited them more, saying good we are going to pop your cherry !!! We like a tight piece of ***. It hurt so bad. As Scott raped me the others laughed and felt me up and twisted my nipples so hard, the pain was worse then the pian in my vagina. They each took turns rapeing me. It seemed like hours. Then Scott said, Jerry now it's your turn !!! I pleaded No !! Jerry pulled off his pants and got ontop of me. He smelled so disgusting, his breath smelled like stale cigarettes and beer. He rubbed his penis up and down my vagina before he entered me. Then he laid ontop of me started kissing me and stuck his toungue in my mouth while pinching my nipples. Thank God he didn't last very long. He got up and said shes not so tight now !! I laid there just hopeing they we done. I was crying all covered in tears, sweat, ***** and blood. Scott dipped his tee shirt in the creek and said, use this to clean up. I thought, that's all you have to say! I cried off and on all night. The next day they threatened to take all my clothes and leave me naked in the woods alone. They said if I say a word to anyone, there will be a next time and I wouldn't be able to walk away !!! I swore that I wouldn't tell a sole and I didn't. The worst part was seeing the guys in school and trying to avoid them. When ever I say Jerry in the halls, he would look at me and smile. Just the thought that pig having his way with md still sickens me.
I never told anyone, I was so scared. The worse part was seeing Scott and the other guys every day in school.
brandysue brandysue
46-50, F
Sep 4, 2012