my brother was having a party with about 6 of his friends . they were drinking a lot , but not all . 3 of the boys remained sober , David ,Mike , and , Jacob , I was allowed to have one friend over . her name was cassy . ( note : for my age (13) I have very large breast and so did cassy ) we hung out in my room for a little while before we heard someone coming up the stairs . we just sat there and waited . 'who is it ?' I said . 'it's mike ' mike said . 'can I come in ?' I said yeah and in he came , along with David and Jacob . 'yo cassy nice **** you got there you too Nicole' Jacob said . cassy shifted on the bed and I just sat there uncomfortably . Jacob snickered . 'so what do you guys want ?' I asked raising my eyebrows . mike licked his lips . 'you.' he said . I was shocked . he was 17 years old and I'm 13 , that's crazy I thought . 'get them guys ' he said to David and Jacob . Jacob and David stood up . cassy moved to the back of the bed . she was up against the wall. David put his hands on her boobs and held her against the wall . she started to scream but he kissed her before e could . Jacob and mike came over to me and put their hands on my vagina . I hit them and they pinned me down . 'enough ******* around ' David said . a tingle if fear shot up inside me . David quickly did away with cassy tieing her up, and mike tied me up as Jacob got undressed and locked the door thy gagged us with two of my shirts . David took off cassys shirt while saying 'I've always wanted to **** you' cassy whimpers and tried to get loose from the rope but they wouldn't budge , they took off her bra , and she was siting there in her pants and bra crying and struggling to get free . I cussed at mike through the gag , ' ill **** you harder for that ' he said and slapped me . my cheek burned and thy started talking off my clothes . first my shirt . 'damn check out her **** ' they whooped 'I can't wait to get my hand on those ' David said . Jacob picked me up and out me in a chair facing cassy , I looked at her trying to escape and crying and I felt so bad . 'I'm first ' said David . divid took off cassys pants and underwear and then his own . leaving him fully naked and cassy with only a bra on . 'now to release the hounds' he smirked . cassy shook and shook trying to free herself . 'I love it when they struggle ' he said . 'come one guys ' he motioned towards Jacob and Mike . Jacob held one leg out and Mike held the other one so her legs were spread. she cried and cried . I watched my best friend get tortured . David pulled her up to his **** and entered her , cassy was a virgin so she tried to scream her head off and just ended up getting Hirt more he thrusted in out in out in out she was bleeding everywhere . he pulled out slowly and went to play with her boobs sucking on them and calling her a **** under his breath she was crying an bleeding everywhere , Jacob entered her now even more terrible then David did he took no time getting adjusted just going for it he thrusted so fast that cassy rocked back and forth David moved back down to her vagina after Jacob pulled out and fingered her while mike licked her and Jacob played with her breast . when they were done they called cassy a stupid ***** . and made comments like ' I can't wait till next time ' then it was my turn . they took off my pants and underwear leaving me in my bra then they all got undressed and ripped off my bra . David sucked on my nipples while I was sitting on Jacobs lap as he entered hisself inside me takig away my virginity . I screamed through the gag and begged him to stop but all that came out were muffled cries . he lifted me up and sort of 'passed' me to mike . mike was the worst , as an 18 ear old . he had a huge **** and it was hard making it at least a 12". I screamed and screamed and kicked he just laughed . he said ' I have you all to my self he layers me on my back and entered me while grabbing my breasts and shaking them he thrusted hard and I bleeded he exited and began to lick my vagina I cried more and more and watched cassy lying on the floor bleeding and crying . when they were all done they out there clothes on and stood up . ' whew that was good' they said ' I want more ' they chanted . they took off the gags I wanted to yell and scream and cuss but I stayed quiet . I stood up and went to cassy . I handed her some fresh clothes . 'don't bother you'll be taking them back off anyways ' I ignored then and they left . we got dressed and cleaned up all the blood and cried quietly that night to sleep .
nikki13542 nikki13542
Nov 25, 2012