The Day Of My First Ever ******** And ********* Fantasy Experience.

n't think this counts as rape but I will mention it anyway.

I had been speaking to this man online for a while and then I spoke to him for around 2-3 months on the phone. He begged me to come see him and he was 5 hours away but he offered me group sex and or a 3some with two men and me so I couldn't refuse.

I had been waiting a long time for group sex and 3somes but had no luck getting it and really wanted it so I went for it.

I rang him when I was the bus stop and he picked me up and we had a nice chat. Then he complimented me and spoke about the ******** and this house where it was taking place.

He was on the phone to some woman and it sounded like he was describing me and he told her that I was gonna have a *********.

He then said that he would like to be with me before the ********, just a quickie, him and me so I said ok because he had organised the ******** after all and I enjoy sex. He asked me to kiss him so I did and then he felt my breasts around my clothes asking me to take my breasts out.

I did, very shy, and no energy whats so ever. That when it came to him shagging me I couldn't keep straight so then he suggested that I sucked him so I did. I accepted him taking pictures of my breasts but told him off when he got a shot of my face and he said he will delete it and that he is sorry. Then he asked me if I had any money for the bus so I said that I had some. He mentioned the ******** again.

He then told me to get out of the van so that he can get his other vehicle and meet me at the house. He said he was only borrowing that vehicle for the time being. I forgot my phone was charging in his van. I got out and waited for him and then he came back asking me what I was doing. I said I was at the house. He said ok and said I left my stuff in the other vehicle so he gave it to me and then drove off leaving me stranded.

Next he says that I shouldn't be meeting strange guys and that it wasn't him who I saw and that he wants nothing to do with me and was expecting to see me on the bus which he never did but that was a lie. He hung up then

I texted him giving off which a person responded who seemed to me to be the mother of his children and his wife. She mad threats and complimented me on my body and face saying she was looking through my phone and was going to rob it but didn't.

I had to then get a free bus to Dublin and my friend picked me up and I was almost suicidal when a text said he has my face all over the web etc etc and that I got a deadly disease from him because I gave him oral.

There has to be an easier and much safer way to get a ******** and *********.

I decided to write this because I have felt traumatized from it and angry and vengeful. I still can't believe it. All I wanted was a ********* and group sex with guys and me just for an experience. I wasn;t going to come all the way down but made an exception for him.
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you should try ******** with your friends.