Paradise Lost

I was 11. My parents had just gotten a divorce. My younger brother went to live with my dad and I stayed with my mother.
We had moved into these cheap apts on the crappy side of town. I hated it. In an effort to make me feel better my mother took me to the Bill Haymes Carnival. A small outfit that travels threw out Texas. I got separated from her in a mass crowding around a ride. I went to a man at a booth and asked for help to find her. I was given a soda and told to wait while he went to get help.
I got sick from the drink. When I woke up, I was naked and tied up in a truck on a dirty mattress. I tried to escape only to be beaten. I was raped repeated by numerous men that all the faces began to run together. As one would finish, another would begin. My ordeal lasted 4 days. I was thrown from the truck and left for dead on the side of the road outside McKinney. A woman found me and helped me back home. To this day they are free. I suffered a broke back and am confined to a wheel chair. I spend my days helping survivors by advocating victims.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I'm sorry.

Im sorry thay happend to u
I wish you best of luck :-)

Damn that messed up, I wish could kill everone of those bastards.

I like to think that one day Karma will take care of it.