I Stayed Cause I Love Him

I really dont feel like telling you guys a story of my life, where i was born, etc. All you need to know is wha happened. just know this story is long

I was fifteen when i first met my true love. i had just moved to nm to live with my best friend (who was also my cousin) because my parents were deceased and i need someone to take care of me. the first day i saw him he was playing basketball with his friend and ran over to me asking for my name. in this story, hell be known as 'd'. d was one of the most handsome boys ive ever seen, and me being fifteen i never really cared for love, but the first da he looked at me i knew there was something special. he flirted with me while i stood next my cousin, 's' , whil she laughed. he asked for my number and i gave it to him, writing it on his hand . i told him to call me. later that day s told me why i shouldnt be getting involved with d, but it wasnt realy anything too serious for me tonturn away from him. she said that he was her ex and her parents dont like him blah blah blah but i didnt care. i waited anxiously for a call that night. he called me around 8:00 and we spoke for hours about stuff i dont even remember. i was already falling for this guy and i literally just met him. over thr next few months we developed a relationship together, and let me tell you we were inseperable. i loved and trusted this boy will all my heart and soul, and i knew he loved me too. a little later into this relationship i got to know more about him and he told me how he used to be a former gang member, and i didnt judge him. i knew i had some mistakes in my life aswell.

that night we made love and this was my first time. he made me feel so good and i definitely dont regret it, this was one of many more nights lol.

about two months later is when things were getting bad. one of his former gang friend had saw him with me and he said theyd do terrible things to me and he couldnt keep me safe , he told me to break up with him and all this but i couldnt do that i loved this boy!! i slept over at his house one night and his gang friends knocked down the door and kidnapped us both. the knocked me out with some blunt object and i awoke in a car with my arms being pinned down and my boyfriends tied with a bunch of gang menbers. they took us to this abandoned parking lot and dragged me out of the car by my hair. i tried to scream for the sake of me and my boyfriend but my mouth was taped shut . they put me in the center of the lot and there were about five other members waiting to rape me while two made my boyfriend watch one kicked me in the stomach so hard it knocked the wind out of me while others held me down and started ripping my clothes off. i had tears running down my cheeks as the one on top of me punched me and started sucking on my breasts. then he carressed my stomach with his hand to my private and stuck his fingers inside me . he kissed my neck and whispered in my ear asking me if i liked it, puta. his nails cut me and everytime i would try to scream or get him off i would get punched . he then started to penetrate me and it was one of the worst experiences ever. what was on my mind is what my boyfriend was thinking as he watched . then next one sucked on my breasts to and went down on me while he touched my stomach and chest and then flipped me over and raped me frm behind. the rest of them had their chance, flipping me and carressing me so they can get themselves off. after everyone finished and left m naked and bruised on the floor they started to beat me again, and worse this time . i got hit with baseball bats and blunt objects and then they started to beat my boyfriend up aswell telling him if he reported them theyd kill us both. we both lie there bruised and beaten and i didnt even know how to explain this to anybody. my boyfriend was enraged and everything just happened so fast.

you can guess what happened the next day. we told the cops, those fuckases got arrested, and my cousins family accepted d as my boyfriend. we moved from nm and now live in ca. i cant even tell you what made me stick with him, but in reality its because i love him. im with him to this day.

bytheway, im 19 and this was 4 yeas ago.
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I hope you both will be alright. Stay strong. :)