My Boss

I was working for an ad company at the time. I thought I have a dream job and dream boss - unfortunately I was wrong. One day after a late meeting my boss offered to buy everybody a drink. Nothing unusuall, he did that a lot. I only remember having my first drink...the next thing - I was sore all over and in a strange bed. My boss came out of bathroom and complimented me on how good I was and that his friends also think so, and that we should do this again...DO WHAT??? I thought.
He showed me pictures of him and three other older man having sex with me - nasty sex. They did everything you can imagine to me and took pictures. At that time I realised what happened - he must have put something in my drink. He told me that if I go to the police, he would post this pictures on the internet - he said that he also taped me. Anyhow I did go to the police, all of the men are in jail now.
I know it could be a lot worse - they did not hurt me a lot, it was just a bunch of sorry old men that wanted to **** a passed out woman. However, now I kind of want to get back to all men in general - even my ex boyfriend...I guess it takes a lot of time to get over something like this. It is like I want to get even for what happened in bed - I make everything I can to assure that the man that I go to bed with does not enjoy sex with me.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Sex is meant to be about love, with that love comes lust but it shouldn't be about power and deception you struck a rotten apple not all men would use you like that.