My Secret Garden

Since I became employment free a month ago I have been spending a lot of time working in the garden. As a result the tomatoes on the west side of the yard have soared to nine feet tall. On the other side the thornless blackberries Have formed a 10 x 20 foot wall of rapidly ripening berries. This creates the opportunity to toss the clothes aside and enjoy gardening au 'naturel
Being caressed by the sun and breeze makes routine tasks a delight. As I tie up the tomatoes the sound of the ripping old bed sheet causes my mind to drift back to that evening long ago when I was first tied up. Taking a break and basking in a lounge chair is a real treat. Even picking huckleberries in the soft rain at sunset is a joy until the mosquitoes come out. Looking forward to tomorrows gardening adventure.
sharkohickenbottom sharkohickenbottom
56-60, M
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

Being bare is naughty, nice and natural. Keep enjoying your freedom.