Kinda But Not Quite

I have never been full-fledged gardening in the nude.  I wish I could, but the space around my house is a bit wide open.  However, I do occassionally wander into the yard in the wee hours of the morning, uncoil the hose and do some watering.  Sometimes I just hook up the sprinkler and others I walk from plant to plant along the garden area, and enjoy the night air on my skin.  But I would love to do the planting, weeding and harvesting all in the buff.  Maybe some day.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Heavy rains swamped out our gardening plans for the year. I think we would do better raising rice! It is still nice to be outdoors nude. Gf and I ran a sprayer in the yard yesterday and the sensation was great! Cold at first, but we quickly got accustomed to it. Also it made a difference in the way we felt the rest of the evening.

Nude gardening at night! That's an idea worth trying! Gf and I have done gardening in the daytime, but it might be cooler in the evening or early morning hours to do our gardening. I'll certainly try it.