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Mother VS Daughter | Story #2 | A Stepmother's Revenge

So I hope you read my last story about the wedgie war between me and my stepmom. If you haven't, my name is Karen, and i'm 21 but in the story I'm 15. My stepmom's name is Laura and she was 28 years old. This is a real story by the way.
So three days after the wedgie war I completely forgot about how my stepmom was going to get revenge but my mom didn't. That day at school my boyfriend broke up with me and we have been dating for about 3 or 4 months now and I came home with a really sad look on my face. I came home and my stepmom asked me, "What's wrong sweety?" "My boyfriend broke up with me," I replied. "Awwww that's too bad," She said. "He just lost a great girl. Here." She reached over and gave me a hug. I hugged her back. I never saw it coming. But she reached into my leggings and pulled my red thong right out of my a*s. I scream with like I was getting murdered or something. "Payback b*tch!" She told me. I kept screaming. Then I snapped out of my screaming freenzy and reached under her small mini skirt and pulled her lace cheekies between her a*scheecks. She screamed too but still had a good grip on my thong. We were both pulling on each other's underwear with all of out might. Then she started to move backward and tripped over a marble and we both fell on the couch. We both let go of each others under wear and fell of the cound and onto the carpet floor.
Laura (stepmom) stood up first and saw still laying on the feeling my a*s. She picked me up and sat me on her knee. "This is now gonna get fun," she said. She started to spank me hard. With all of her might. She watched as my butt jiggled in my leggings. I could feel it move. She then pulled down my pants and kept spanking me. I kept screaming and crying. Then she pushed me off of her knee and I was laying on the floor felling my a*s it was red and almost bruised.
She came back with a rope. I realized a second later what she was gonna do. She grabbed my thong and lifted me up by it. She then tied one end of the rope to my thong and another through a hollow arch and then tied it to a door handle. I was about 2 or 3 feet in the air screaming, crying, and rubbing my a*s in pain. "I'll be back in a few hours," she said. A few hours later my a*s was numb I was just hanging there bored and ready to get down. Laura started to pull n my legs but I didn't fell anything. My thong ripped and I was so releaved that it was over. I ran up to my room with an ice pack between my butt cheeks.

Hope you enjoyed. Tell me if you want more.
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Hey check out my website. Cuz experience has been rejected some of my posts. So I will be posting my stories on my website. Along with photos and videos.

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