Hanging Lesbian Wedgie

Ok. so you might not know this about me, but I am bisexual. More of a lesbo intact, and this happened recently to me. It is true...
So one Saturday my girlfriend Amy and I were at her house for a sleepover. Her parents know me and trusted me to be sensible as they were visiting my grandparents. So we both love wedgies, and cannot get enough of them, so I ask her to invite another lesbo friend round called Lucy. When she gets here, she is in a very (and I mean very) short skirt, with what looked like 3 thongs pulled up over the top. It was hot than night so she was in a very reveiling tank top with a frilly pink bra sticking out. She loves wedgies too. So any way, after about half an hour of making out, we got to business. Amy take out a bundle of rope from under her bed, and pulled down my skinny jeans and lucy's skirt and hers. Then tops come off and we're left in our undies. Turns out lucy was wearing 5 thongs, and Amy two. I only had one, so Amy said "oh that will never do." she pulls out a bundle of almost see through thongs and I put on 7. Then she slipped the front leg holes of my thong up through a beam in her ceiling, and pulled me up into a hanging melvin. I scream like hell. Then she took the back of my thongs and pulled it over my head. It was a mervin and a squeaky clean at the same time, only 10x as bad. Before I could react, Lucy put my hands behind my back and tied then win rope. My butt started to sting. But I loved it! Then Amy and Lucy pull off my bra and start sucking my t*ts. I had an *rgasm. Then they pulled my legs down and spanked me with a paddle. After, they took my down after 3 hours, and hung me over amy's two bunk beds. My 10 thongs hooked over each post by front and back. With my hands tied behind my back, and my mouth stuffed with amy's used thong (they also did a lot of things to each other, but it would make the story too long) with tape over my mouth so I could neither scream or spit them out. They left me there for a sleepless night, and the next day I had breakfast and got dressed in the same hanging mervin. They told me this would happen every day after school in the girls lockerroom, and I would have to wear I bra connection every other time. I loved these daily wedgies which are so painful and pleasuring, and wear a bra connection anyway to school. They are now my wedgie masters, and I am in agony and pleasure all the time!!!
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18-21, F
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Please write more stories lol

I love u

Wanna do wedgie pics on kik?
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Sounds like you're having a lot of fun.