My Dad Does It Too.

Alright,so before I share the story let me talk about my dad.He is....I think 37,6' 1",He always wears jeans with his shirt tucked in,with a cowboy hat (he looks like a cowboy),very strong,QUICKER than a cheetah on steroids.My Dad has a resemblelense to NASCAR Driver Austin Dillon ,just a little older.He is a very cool dad,but if you misbehave.......WHACK!!!
The Story:

Me(13) and Cameron (14) made a bet on the video game,who ever lost got wedgied for a minute by the other.I lost,Cam then tackled me to the ground.My Dad saw when he was walking by our room,and then walked in and said "What in the h*** are yall doing?" Cam replied,while on top of me "He lost a bet". My Dad said "That's fair". He then helped Cam,then me up,but as soon as I got up,I felt his hand grab the back of my boxers,but no tug.

"I'm gonna show you how to wedgie someone" My Dad says. (BTW when he wedgies me he never does it to cause me extreme pain).He closes the door,puts both hands on the back of my boxers,gives them a half second yank,then threw me onto the bed by my boxers.Cam laughed then my Dad did the same to him,landing on top of me.It was fun.
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does your brother wear boxers or briefs.

Cam wears mostly boxer briefs, wears briefs every now and then.