One time I was at my dad's house just watching some youtube, when he got up and went to the bathroom. I thought it would be funny to scare him on his way back, but boy was I wrong. I jumped out when he came back into the hallway. He immediately got me in a headlock as if he knew I was there. He pulled my shirt up just a little and I knew what was about to happen. He grabbed my Hanes waistband and pulled as hard as he could. This caused me to be lifted off the ground and he moved his arm that had me in a headlock with so that he could stuff my briefs in between my neck and his arm. He then pantsed me so I had a bare butt with my tighty whities in the crack. I tried to struggle out of it but it was pointless. He had won this battle and he knew it. He finished off by pulling my briefs over my head and telling me that I should not try to scare him again. I chuckled as I unpicked my briefs and went to my room to get new ones. That same day we were out on the back porch and I was standing on the edge of the porch watching his pond. I did not hear him get up and stand right behind me. He then snuck his hand near my waistband and pushed me off. He "saved" me by grabbing my briefs and holding me in the air. I yelpped and asked him why and he told me it was a shot he could not give up. He dropped me to the ground. I got up and before I fixed my briefs, I made sure his were placed on his neck. We laughed as we both readjusted our tighty whities into their correct positions again. The rest of the day was free of any briefs being pulled, but I was being very cation and kept my eyes on where ever he was.
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my dad gave me one while trying to spank me


oh man, what a cool dad

I wish I had your dad.