This could be long. I met this friend whom I am now dating, about 10 months ago. We'll call her D I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 and a half years to do so, we'll call her Monk. When I met D, she was pregnant, going on 7 months in fact. So while we grew as friends I was there to see her through all the shell shocking phases of her last trimester, there is only one problem though. She really wasn't pregnant. She had me, and everyone she knew believing she was carrying a little girl. Apparently she WAS pregnant, had a "miscarriage", and then was so traumatized that she kept this fantasy alive in her head that she was pregnant still. At least that's what her therapist told me. So naturally that was a major shock, because I was spending time with her taking her to do baby related tasks for 4 months before I figured out she had lost the baby before she even met me. There were lies of the doctors getting the due dates messed up which kept it going. In being her friend I was falsely led away from my prior relationship and ultimately fell in with her. Worst decision ever, but on top of that Monk turned out with HSV-1 (herpes simplex 1/oral herpes) two weeks later!!! Monk is also the mother of my first born son. My world was gone, I didn't know, and still don't know, what to do. My situation requires one of them right now, but I find myself becoming so disgusted with both parties. I stayed after I found out from D, but I was trying to be understanding. Was I wrong, stupid, just as naïve as they come? And when should I stop caring for others and just do what the world is telling me; only look out for yourself.
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