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Subway Grope

Hey guys! I am 16 and I have been groped hundreds of times on the subway alone, but there was one night that was the best... ;
It was a late Friday night and I was on a particularly crowded subway. I was wearing a short, fairly tight dress and somehow in the crowd my underwear had been hiked up and my dress had been pulled up. This i was used to so i didn't worry about it, but the wedgie was starting to annoy me. I figured that no one would notice if i dug around a bit so i stuck my hand under my dress to pull out my underwear. It was at that point I realized I was surrounded by boys, a few were older teenagers, bt most of them were older men, 40's or so. They had been staring at my boobs and butt for a while, i guessed and when they saw me pick the wedgie they all came on me. It was too crowded to move and the subway jolted and I fell onto one of the older men. My boobs pressed against his chest and I felt his hands come up under them. He gently placed his hands under my boobs and began squeezing them. I had fallen against him and my butt was kind of sticking in the air. The other boys took advantage of this and they began to move around until they were mostly in back of me. They started to place their hands on my butt, barely touching. My dress had gone up so it was about halfway showing my underwear. The boys pulled the dress all the way up to my waist and began squeezing my butt. One boy sliped his fingers under my underwear and started rubbing my p****. I gasped as i felt his fingers rubbing and rubbing. Then the boys pulled down my underwear. My panties fell to my ankles. I felt the boys grabbing my butt and the older man groping my boobs. Then a few of the boys began slapping my butt. Not REAL hard, but hard enough to feel the sting and leave a red mark. At the spank my boobs jiggled. They boys began spanking me more. The man holding my boobs was feeling them move against him. I didn't struggle. I began to enjoy the experience. The man then took it one step further as he pulled down my dress top. I was wearing one of those dresses that sort of has a built in bra, it was strapless. So he pulled down the top of the dress and my boobs popped out and dangled down. The then squeezed them and began sucking on them. (They are pretty large)The boys had stopped spanking me and some were fingering me, others were sticking their tongues up my butt. I could feel the subway starting to slow and eventually come to a stop. At the jolt, we all kind of fell back, I landed against the group of boys that had been groping my butt. and they continued. Some reached around to grab my exposed boobs. I felt the boys dry hmping me as the subway stopped and people began to flood out. I tried to fix my dress but tripped and ended up landing, naked only in my shoes in the subway. I was sort of pushed/dragged out of the subway and into a small alley where the boys continued their fun. They began to pull out their d***s. At this point i started panicking. I was still a virgin. I had never seen such huge d***s before, well i hadn't seen any actually. I had been groped and spanked and fingered but no one had ever gotten their d***s out for me. I started panicking. I backed away. I started telling them i was a virgin, bla bla bla.. They pushed their di**s against me and started penetrating my butt. I started running, i still had my shoes on and i am a very fast runner but my underwear was still at my ankes and i sort of fell down and tripped. The boys grabbed me and pinned me to the ground. I was on my back so i wasn't as worried. I sort of relaxed as i felt their d***s push through my boobs.They started turning me over. I started screaming and kicking. The boys looked confused. Up until then i hadn't shown much restraint. I tol them about my d*ckaphobia. they sort of laughed and most agreed to not rape me if i let them grope me some more. I agreed since i rather enjoyed the attention. Usually my older sister steals all the boys away. She's not a virgin. Obviously.
So that was probably the most intense night of my life!
subwaygrope subwaygrope 16-17, F 15 Responses May 28, 2012

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Who the hell let's strangers stick their dirty fingers in them? And let's a dirty old perverted man suck their titts????? Like wtf, are you nasty?!

Liar! You're a guy.. No girl will enjoy stuffs to this extent without a proper approach, unless she's a ****.


you sound sexy and i am 13 and want to **** u

It was an awesome story. Hope you write anotherone soon.

wish i were you!

very hot wish i could have been there ;P

woow so hot storie!! : D which bus do u take???

this was hot, i love guys who grope me!


I wish we lived closer.

the fantastic grope

this was sooo hot. this happened to me too except it was all guys 40+ . it was great<br />

That was an amazing story... pls. add me.....

This is AloneandAdveturous. Please read my stories in Have Benn Groped In Public. If you find we have things in common, please add me as a friend. I need female friends to communicate with. I may need advice as well. <br />
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That is a hot and fantastic story. Would love to chat with you. Please add me.