Being Groped On The Bus

I was standing on the bus and since we was on a old road it was filled with pot holes and the bus kept jumping up and down when we hit one making my Boobs bounce all over the place( I keep taking this bus and one time my boobs popped out of my dress showing the whole bus my breasts) and I didn't know of this kid who looked 16 and he was standing so close he had his hand was on my *** and when the biggest pot hole hit us he squeezed my *** making me yelp and turned to slap him and he grabbed my breasts and kept rubbing them until I gave in then he put his head in my cleavage and started to lick my boobs and then pull the top of my thick red jumper to show my boobs and would not stop licking them( I though he didn't miss a spot on them).

Then he put his other hand up my tight black thong and started to fiddle with my ***** making me groan, and then he turned me around pulled up the back of my dress and pulled my thong out of the way and started to press his ***** (still in his jeans) on my ***** and started to squeeze my *** and breasts while I started to have a ****** and nobody noticed me shouting since the bus was louder than the Olympic stadium and at his stop he just left with other boys in his uniform and started laughing with his friends and pointed at me as I was there pulling my clothes up to hide my body and continued on my bus ride.
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10 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Great story.

God where R girls like U in my world , I love ya Baby !!

sounds like fun

Love stranger public sex

Fabulous sweetie

very hot indeed

I would of ****** u right there

great story :) love it

do you enjoy it?

that sounds really hot... wish I was that guy only I wouldn't been so rude on you ;)