My Worst Groped

This was from what I’ve been experiencing 5 month ago in a train. This was all begin from a promise to date with my boyfriend after office hour. We made a promise to meet up at the entrance of Bogor Botanical Garden. I need to take the train to go there from my office so I decided to take an express train.

Okay, this started when office hour ended…

I changed my uniform into a light summer cotton dress that I had prepared before. This dress was a present from my boyfriend, it was a dark blue cotton dress which have a lot of white cute little flower design on it, I like it although it was too sexy which has low cut neck and I think it was too short, just about above my mid thigh . Because the dress is too short, so decided to wore a soft black stocking so I wouldn’t show too much skin of my legs. Well.. after I feel real confident about my appearance I leave the office and take a cab to the train station.

I wait about 5 minutes in the station until the train arrived. Like usual there are no seats left on the train so I had to stand holding on to one of the straps on the support bars. The train started to moving and rumbling as gathered speed after picking up more passengers in this station. After about three minutes I felt a gentle bump into the back of my ***, I thought nothing off it as the train jolts made something like this very likely. It happened again however and again, after the fourth time I realized this was not down to the trains movements, suddenly I became conscious that I was being groped.

I could feel fingers lightly stroking the cheeks of my but over the cotton dress, I slowly turned around and looked up at the man behind of me, it was a quite shocking because he just a young college boys. I turned back around; Then the fondling of the fingers continued unabated as I tried to determine how to handle the situation. Should I yell out at the top of my voice and above the roar of the train on the tracks, 'Get your hand off my ***!' but I would be so embarrassed to draw that kind of attention to myself

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, the closest person to us was another man but he had his back to us. On either side off me there were sides to illustrate where the exits where which blocked my bottom half from view. As the as the fingers roamed across the lightly clothed cheeks of my butt I felt scared because the man was growing bolder.

Then I just felt the skin of another human being on the back of my thighs. Those fingers had left my covered *** and were now just inside the bottom hem of my summer dress. No ... no, this was going too far, I had to stop it now, but how? The fingers traced lightly up over the skin of the back of my upper thigh of my right leg. That hand was now under my dress, raising it as he boldly stroked those molesting fingers higher up to my hips.

Oh my God..!! he intended to pulled down my stocking, I got really scared now but still trying to hold his hand to pull down my stocking. But because I was in the state of shock and he had more strength than me it was un-effective to stop his intention. Before I know it he has removed my shoes and stocking, now I’m paralyzed with bare foot on the train. Not wasting any time, that man hold my wrist… what would he do next? He raised my hand into one of my hand that holding on the straps on the support bars, he hold them together and tied both my wrist on the straps with my stocking. This is crazy..!! really crazy.. to other people I just looks like cling to the straps with both hand.

He begin to fondling my *** under my dress again.. I felt his finger trace across the smooth sheer of my panties encasing my butt cheek then his thumb tracing down over the crack of my ***. Suddenly I felt some fiddling back there, it felt like my dress was being rolled up or pulled up and then I felt a roll of the material of my dress at the back of my waist. Somehow, he had rolled it up tightly enough that it hung there in the small of my back just above the slope of my butt. With my dress hiked up in back leaving the back of my underwear totally exposed. After that he started to pull my underwear together and up forcing it to go into my *** crack revealing my butt cheeks. Now the fingers lightly traced both soft rounded cheeks of my bare skin ***, I was so scared and embarrassed as he takes liberty of my body and enjoying my smooth skin.

I felt the hand on the top of my underwear, now I was in state of utmost shock, is he really intended the worst..?? yes, he really pulling down my panties. 'Don’t…!' I let out a small yell but no one but the perverted boy heard it because of the noise off the train. He pulled my panties down far enough till final my bare *** was displayed to him. After a short pause I felt him spread my butt cheeks apart and try to insert his finger into my *** hole. I really want to shout right now but to let people see you in this condition will be very humiliating, I mean being tied up, ******** and fingered by totally stranger.. what would people think of me??

However, he was insinuating deeper into my *** hole. Yes, might resist him now. I clenched my *** hole tightly, but only for a moment, trapping his probing finger, causing it to stop, but then he forced it deeper again. I'm too dry so my action brings pain into my *** hole, I fear that it will bleeding and infection to me so I loosen up to unclenching, relaxing my muscles. Now I’m really helpless being fingered by him…

I stood rigid, frozen to the spot, kept upright by the press of bodies in front of me of the crowded passenger train and from being tied. Rigid and held upright also from the finger that was pushed deep inside of my *** hole. I bite my own lips so I wouldn’t make any sound, I don’t want him to hear my moaning because it just make him feel highly and mighty. I pray in my heart this would end soon..

After several minutes he pulled out his finger from my *** hole. 'Thanks sis.. you’re great, let me reward you..' He whispering into my ear, this is the first time he communicate to me. …!!! Then again I felt something inserted into my *** hole.. what is that..?? it’s cold.. like a metal, I don’t know what he’s inserted into my *** hole but it’s some kind of tiny material, he keep inserted that thing into me. I’m getting panicked.. what is this..??

The train slowing down, the PA buzzed noisily over my head and the conductor's voice announced, "We’re arrived at Bogor Station." I relieved at hearing the announcement of the imminent stopping of the train, expecting that this would also stop this boy's invasion of my body.

I stood in the crush of the carriage, feeling humiliated that I had permitted a stranger to take such liberties with my body. I wondered if he would readjust my clothing and untie me, and then I felt my dress being unfurled in back and then it dropping down over my ***. But my panties were still rolled down into a tight band of material around the top of my thighs, just below my bare butt cheeks. At least my dress should cover them even if he wasn't going to pull them back up for me. He also cut my stocking with scissor to untie me..

The train eased to a halt at Bogor Station and people began to leave through the now open doors. I stepped off the train, walking slightly awkward since my panties were still rolled tightly around the top of my thighs and there’s strange thing inside my *** hole. I hurried into toilet and try to poop them out. It turns out that the strange things in my ******* is something like mini steel balls, he inserted 11 of them. After I feel there’s nothing left in me I sit quietly on the toilet floor, I feel exhausted.. stressed.. embarrassed.. I’ve been groped at public transportation several time before but this is the worst…
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i think this is very normal for most of females. i groped several times. but what can do

"He raised my hand into one of my hand that holding on the straps on the support bars, he hold them together and tied both my wrist on the straps with my stocking. " Sorry, that is as far as I could go with this story. That was so unreal it knocked me right of your fantasy. If you toned down that part, I probably could get through the rest. If you have not written anything into that is even more outrageous, that is.

Cmon this some kind of fantasy you are writing about?

That was a great story. It may have been your worst but it sure excited the hell out of me!



I dont believe it

that guy deserves to die, wouldnt have my wife in this kind of situation!

OMG!!! iv had a few men touch me inapropriately b4 but nothing ever like that!!! i cn only imagine,...

Do you secretly fantasize something like this happening to you...? And, would you allow it to happen?

I can not lie those men are very lucky to get to touch you in all those places.l

Please add Me as a friend...

Why he didn't play with your boobs or suck them????
he is definitely a fool,idiot....

But i feel sorry about you

Many women enjoy thoughts like these. If so that is awesome, if not then I am sorry but it is still a great story!

good...How did he spare your ***** and boobs?

that was bold!

the way you told that story was a turn on, but some part of you enjoy this?

Next time dig the heal of your shoe onto the top of his foot. Hell, stomp on it turn and yell at him and call him what he is; a pervert. Yes that'll draw attention but it'll be directed towards him. Then move away if you can and hopefully someone will screen you from him.
I'm truly disappointed in the human race when I hear stories like this.

I'm sorry you had this unpleasant experience. On the other hand, you are a very detailed writer. , and I am very impressed with how well you described everything that was happening. I hope that you have more enjoyable experiences to write about in the future.

thanks.. i like writings

I'm sorry that happened to you :-( Are you ok?

i'm ok right now

wow - sounds like a stressfull train trip - did you enjoy any of it?

well.. i can endure being groped, but the 'tied' and 'inserted things' parts are too humiliating