The Pervert

When i was at least 13 years old me and my friend went to look at horses in their stables and there was this guy who showed you how to brush the horses and clean them and all.
He made me brush the horses tail it wasn't that fun to do that i wanted to ride the horse,anyway he came up behind me because he said i was doing it wrong, and put his hands on my chest.I was horrified it felt like a nightmare i was nevr gonna wake up from till now i remember it.
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>>> you should have shot him in the head... minors are not given any kind of death sentence ;)

Shooting wouldn't have satisfied me I would have like to see him in jail anyway that was years ago but I appreciate your comment.

You should have phoned police. Hugs. ####

I didn't tell anyone except my sister hugs back

You should have told the police along with your sister. There is no reason for anyone to touch you at 13!!!!

Did you go back the next day and hope he would do it again?

Your disgusting no i didn't

I'm sorry that you had to go though something like that. It's not right, especially at that age. And unfortunately, things like that happen almost every day.

Thank you yes I hated it horrible memory

hope u can leave it behind