Beans Are Nice To Be Gunged In....

i remember when i first got them poured over me lol i was a little unsure at first & was dreading it in a way & but once my girl (at the time) grabbed my hand & opened the first tin then started to pour them on me it was quite nice so i then started to rub them in a bit & that naughty feeling soon made me turned on but she decided she wasnt going to get any on her that day so i had to shower 1st before having sex but it was still good though. spaghetti was another she decided i should be gunged in lol so another time i had tins of that poured over me too & enjoyed it. as usual clothes got messed up & ruined but nevermind it was worth it.

i did manage to get her to be covered in them aswell she went along with it & had ravioli which i would never eat cos i hate it poured over her aswell but she really didnt enjoy the experience.

such fun days i want them to come back one day.............
PhoenixGoldStarr PhoenixGoldStarr 26-30, M Sep 24, 2012

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