Babies And Roller Coasters

My cousin asked me to go on an errand with her and I said ok. So we were driving then she pulled over and said we have to walk from here. Well we started walking up this path and came to this rollercoaster with her two kids n we started going up the tracks on this mountain and we were almost where the letter was located and her 2 year old falls out and breaks leg and for some reason I told her that she had to twist it more to break it all the way so she did. Then we started back down and the rollercoaster just keeps going around and around so we jumped off.

Can anyone tell me what this is ?
mommyo2 mommyo2
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Sounds awesome, but the babie losing it's leg is sad. <br />
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It can mean many things or mean nothing o.O<br />
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Parts of the brain are still sleeping during dreams though, it can leave a person oddly detached from there emotions as well as other effects sometimes.