Zombies - Long Dream

My boyfriend Went on tour for three weeks and I think that is what caused my nightmares.
I had 2 or 3 nighmares consisting of things becoming increasingly more agressive to the point of total rage ,and thus, fear.
The one I remember most was a zombie dream. I was at a dinner party in an old manor and was having a plesant time until I noticed a frightening old woman glaring at me. It caught me off guard and spooked me so much that I began to look around the room to see if there was anything else that seemed odd. I walked over to a doorway and was reaching down to grab something when I noticed an odd smell coming out of the vent. It was a musky, sharp smell. I stood up and looked at the hosts of the party. They noticed I was acting strange and looked disapprovingly at me, as if I was catching on to something. It made me not trust anyone I was around.
The dream cut to a soccer field that the residents owned behind the mansion. There were thousands of people in the stands, cheering and acting as typical soccer lovers would. The right side of the stands was more rowdy and was filled with punks, hoodlums, and college kids. A strange mist sprayed over them, hardly catching anyones attention. At the same time, the field crew began throwing balls with hundreds of needles sticking out of them into the crowd. They would roll down the crowd, piercing each person it passed by, and then someone else would pick it up and throw it back into the crowd.
The people that got sprayed and poked became more and more rambunctious until they began breaking out in fights, and then began seriously hurting each other, knocking people onto the ground and chasing others. I became frightened and tried to leave the arena. There were other people fleeing as well.
I ran out into the streets where people were eating each other and chasing people down the streets. I lost my boyfriend in the mayhem and decided i had to get to my car, which was up a busy street to the left of the arena. As I was hurredly walking in the direction of my car, I noticed a couple hanging out that had been recently infected.
The guy saw me and walked over, trying to make conversation with me, the virus compelling him to do so. He became more and more pushy and abrasive and I tried to run away but he chased after me. He grabbed hold of my arm and his girlfriend saw us and began chasing me as well. No matter how fast I ran and how hard I tried to trip, punch, push, or twish, the guy would not let go of me and continued running at the same pace as me. I was getting tired and he was becoming more and more agressive until it turned to rage. The girl grabbed hold of me as well. She wasnt as strong and sure footed, and I managed to swing her in front of a passing car. The car smashed into her and she exploded, guts splattering all over, and the car sped on as if it had no driver. I felt horrible for killing her, since they were obviously very in love, but I had to remind myself that I had no other choice! The boy continued to try to eat me and my legs began to give out. I was in pain, out of breath, and terrified.
That was when I woke up. It was ~ 1:30 and I turned on my light, snuggled close to my cat and fell back asleep. No dreams the second time, thank god.
Nicore Nicore
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012