The Begging.

I am showering when the sirens of my hometown go off. I put on my towel and find my family outside staring off into the distance trying to find the tornado. I immediately notice whats going on, and had a quick deja vu of the whole story i was about to face. I faced my family and told them we had to pack now. To not ask questions and for once listen to me. And they did, they were all ready and packed by the time i was. I began leading them by foot south, where we stopped and rested in an abandon horse ride you see at carnivals. Everyone inform me they were tired and asked permission to rest and they did. By this time people had join us and we were a pretty big group now. The adults got the ride going for the kids and bonfires where everywhere the night was beautiful but no moon was in sight. Later a stronger deja vu hit me and i inform them we had to leave now. That break time was over, some complain and some listen but i got everyone walking again and we got to a car junk yard this time i know longer have deja vu and i could hear these noises not far from us, knowing what ever was coming was close. so sent them around and off to the exit, as i tell them to run and i stand there make sure no one gets left behind. once everyone passes through i see a green light hitting this brick wall where these shadows capture the shadows of my people so in panic i head the other direction and something pulls me in an abandon car. I find it to be one of those creatures. There not from this planet and he tells me to be quite as one of his own jumps on the hood of a car and sniffs around, he passes on and i'm safe. When we step out of the car, he introduces himself, they look a lot like us, one wouldn't be able to tell the difference but they are pale. His hair was white and it had a glow to it, he was very much very beautiful. A gentlemen at that too; he was the prince of his planet and he promised me my safety and of my family. He kissed my hand a farewell and left, i still continued to move south when i came upon the city. In the main street of this city it lied a spaceship. With open doors and adults in chairs sitting with hoses coming in and out of there body, unconscious. I then saw a bunch of little kids going in this glass building that stood next to it, i fallowed the kids and it led me to a toy store, at this toy store i see my baby brother (at the time i thought it was a random kid) lead me to in inner of curtains that made a circle like a little hiding spot. My baby sister and brother were there only realizing my brother. (my baby siblings were not born yet, but i do remember those kids very clearly and have confirm it to be my siblings.) in that circle we hide as i hug them tightly and a huge explosion happens. I come out to see what has happen and a hole was now in the presence of the wall where we could get a bigger picture of the family. Then he appears again telling me how he is sorry and he promises to be back with them safe. I believe him and he fly's off with the spaceship. So grab my siblings determine to care for em' heading back north off far in the distance i see men walking side my side, heading my way, and i could easily tell they were not human either. (and thats when i awoke)
captain669 captain669
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012