The Shadows Of Technology

A group of friends and I went to an apartment; i don't remember for what reasons. No one answered and saw that it was beginning to get dark. Chaos has already rose, and being late after hours was just dangerous. So we head back to the truck and began heading home. On the way home there was traffic, (we took back roads because being in the city city was dangerous and main roads are usually ruin and also very dangerous). We saw we weren't going to make it and a force wiped us out the truck flipped over with other cars as we try to escape the truck at its fast speed we hope off and made it safely. He saw a building off in the distance and decided to seek shelter there. We later came to realize this was a school. (I don't remember much since it has been awhile since i last dream this.) I do remember a force coming after us, as we tried to make it to the roof. A friend was lost in the process. We were safe...............( later on in another dream it picks up).......... We were at McDonald's eating old burgers never eaten, thought to believe burgers never went bad. We decided to hit the city and start finding actual food to feed our families. I was with my boyfriend (don't have one), my dad, and a friend. I would be the one to sneak in the city and get what we need while the others had their jobs to take care of. In the shadows of the city you could hear these noises feel these forces. (This is when i discover what the force is.) I see light in the shadows, screens, it was only electronics. The most simple things like television, computers, phones, etc. They only lurk in the darkness cause they had no true power out in the light. As the sun went down the shadows of the city became long and teasing. I began running watching every step i took as the border line of the shadow got closer and closer. I could finally see the truck and my family waiting for me, the tent up with light in it, safety. But I knew i wasn't going to make it in time. It was impossible and all i did was run and hoped i would. Then Boom i tripped and new i was gone for. I hutch with my back out, protecting my inside. Noticing I wasn't being harm I looked up and saw i was in the circle light of the moon. The full moon oh how glad i was that it existed. Surrounding the circle where all these electronics waiting.....and waiting.... (I then woke up never knowing what happen)
captain669 captain669
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012