Elephant Zombies?

I was at the salon with my mom, baby sister and baby brother. My sister and i were getting our nails done when my mom forgot something and said she would be back. That she is going to the house. So me and my sister sat there waiting for her looking out the glass window and see the bridge in front of us collapse. People began running like crazy and even a man ran into the glass window covered in blood and screaming. Terrified I get my baby sister and we go. Outside i see my friends and ask them whats going on, they said nothing that they are bored and have no where to go. I ask them if they could company me to get my mother and brother and they said yes. Sadly to get home we have to pass the collapse bridge, when passing another bridge collapse. I cradle my sister under my arms. We finally pass the bridge and walk through a field where a radio tower stood. I'm not sure what happen but the tower began falling and squished two of my friends like bugs. I just help my baby sister her head tucked in hoping she never saw a thing. Doing so on the corner of my eye in the far distance i see an elephant, not just any elephant, but 3x bigger and dressed. It was stepping and killing people......It would left people up and bite there head off. People scream and ran and everything was on fire...... what had happen? We encountered one when we finally make it home quickly we got inside and avoided the proper meet. I then start calling my mom, no answer. I tell my friends to split up and find my family. I went up stairs and see my baby brother laying on the bed unattended. I put my sister down to grab my brother and the back door moves. And a big fat zombie comes out. I give my brother to my sister and grab the stool next to me and hit the zombie with it breaking it in pieces. I pick up a piece and try to defend myself..... sadly he bites my arm and takes a big chunk (It felt so real, i can still feel the pain). I then stab the piece into his head and grab my siblings and start running. Im crying too, knowing im done for and i wont be there to protect them. I would have to find my mother soon. My friends never came back too. I sat in the basement in the corner with the door locked so no one could come in. and held my siblings and just cried. (I woke up crying..... never knowing what happen after)
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that sounds like a really scary dream :(