Made Me Wonder.

I haven't had any lately, but I did have a recurring dream where I was in Egypt during the ancient mythical times.(Not 100% sure but that's the best way I can describe it) It would start out with me being in my stone-walled room on a warm sunny day on the second floor of a stone building, I was exploring my things in my dream even though I knew somehow that they were mine. I had a plant...or something...a was alive, the vase was moving almost like a coiled up snake would. Anyway I had it close to my face as though I was admiring it as if I had it for some time now....yet at the same time I was grossed out because in reality I knew that I didn't know what it was or why I was holding it. Then I'd hear something out the window (No glass windows) and see a group of about 11 or so soldiers jogging in perfect formation with their ancient skirt-like clothes on, they were all about the same height and slender-ish build. In the first dream that I had I had a very strong feeling that I was supposed to be joining them, I almost went out the window to join the ranks but I decided not to and instead wanted to explore my room some more. The second dream I had I said to myself, "What the heck, why not..I want to see what's going on." and I leaped out the window and bounded onto the roof of the first floor and then bounded right into formation, being in-step as though I had done those things a million times. When I say "bounded" I mean that for a second it was as if I animorphed into a tiger or something unconciously, naturally morphed into an animal and then back just like that without even having to think about it. There are other things about these dreams that I just don't have the patience to rack my brains to get the details right so I'm going to stop this here and tell y'all that I stopped having the dreams after I ruminated that the possibility of past-life-experiences just may be possible.

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Nothing is impossible unless you deem it to be so.

Obviously I do not believe that THAT could have been a past life, the word just sort of emerged in my mind after I racked my brains for an explaination as to why I was having that dream with different twists in it. I don't have that dream anymore, frankly I'm fine with not thinking about weird things too much.