My House?

I have a recurring dream about a house that I own or am moving into. Problem is I've never seen this house IRL. I am drawn in particular to the living room which is recessed. You take 2-3 steps down into it. There are 3 entry ways to it. From that it may vary. Either I see the upstairs which is completely unfinished just braces and frame work of what would be different rooms. In one I have moved in and am showing a friend around and go the laundry room where I have the new front loader washer and dryer, a regular washer and dryer and my grandmothers old wringer washer. As I am showing her I notice that my husband has all three washers going which is funny bc he doesn't do the laundry. I am amazed at the unfinished upstairs bc it is huge and in one dream I am hiding with my husband in one area but my brother can't find us bc too much area to cover. However in every dream I still go back to this living room. Anyone who know what this means. ( I dream a lot and have had recurring dreams before and all of my dreams are pretty detailed, plus as a child I was a sleepwalker and now that I am an adult (and no longer sleepwalk) I do still talk a lot in my sleep).
twopeasinapod twopeasinapod
Dec 4, 2012