Sniper Meets Group of Assassins

My latest recurring dream has been about being a Sniper.

   It usually starts me being at my house its during winter and just me and my parents are at the house. (not my older brother) for some reason in this dream I am a boy with green hair...(I don't have green hair and I am a girl) anyways, all of the sudden a bullet comes flying through one of the windows straight through my moms' head.

I tell my dad to take cover and I go to my parents room in my dad's gun cabinet and pull out a automatic Sniper rifle (he does have a gun cabinet but dose not own a sniper rifle) and for some reason I have this instinct and know where the enemies are...

   Two of the unknown assailants (out of the 7 I could sense) where walking on the porch not noticing me. I had a hand gun on me at the time as well (apparently I had taken one of those from the cabinet) and easily taken them out.

I felt frantic as I stepped into the cold the sun going down only added to the dread I was feeling, I herd footfalls crunching the sand and when I turned around I notice this crazy eyed blond with a huge combat knife slowly making his way towards me, twirling the blade commenting on something in another language (it sounded very much German to me. Although I can't speak German I could understand bits of pieces of what he was saying)

   He came at me with his knife forward slash, horizontal, back and forth it was like a dance I was in a daze of sorts. (I also had some sort of thick coat on I assumed I put it on before I went out but had no recollection of every putting it on.) A quick stab to my chest but I kept going he was slightly stunned at my persistence but I felt no I knew that it didn't go all the way through my coat...  But his swings were getting more wild and then it happened as if in slow motion a sick, twisted smile formed on his face as an unexpected low wide swing to my upper leg made contact, I could feel a stinging sensation.

But during the heat of the battle I chose to ignore it and used his stunned halt to my advantage and took his knife realizing that if he were in his right state of mind I would not have been so lucky, but without thinking I slit his throat, the only sound of his gurgling in the silent night.

   My instinct kicked in again and I had the feeling of being chased. Quickly making it to my roof I herd the piercing sound of a gun as it barley missed I knew another sniper probably the person that took out mom... So I kept on the roof but stayed low waiting looking I aimed my rifle and finding the person hidden in the bush and trees located in-front of our house. I took aim and he was out before I knew it.

I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye take off running and although the wound on my leg was protesting against it, I took chase. A slight limp in my sprinting, also mindful of the ice-end road. I withdrawn the combat knife I had taken from the psycho and threw it. (our house is on a hill and the curve in the road is very dangerous to go down when the roads are slick or covered in ice.) I noticed have way down the curve of the road, while sliding that the van they had arrived in was parked at my grandparents house (they live just down the road on opposite sides of the road) with trepidation the house look ransacked from hear and two more men were making there way to the van...

   I got a sense of vertigo as I was attacked from behind and I only notice when it was too late that there had been another in the tree from behind... behind that I didn't care to check my surroundings..The running woman had done her job, as the distraction. My world was then turned into a cold darkness.   When I awoke I was in there van, and one of the men was stitching up my leg wound speaking in broken English with a very thick German accent.

My vision was blurry like I had been drugged or was lacking sleep and I eventually passed out again...

And that is usually where the dream stops, the person that had attacked from behind was wearing all black like a ninja would I suppose with lavender colored eyes of steal. The one healing me wore glasses and had crystal blue eyes and I couldn't make out the others...all except the one in black had the same getup of a form of military wear although couldn't tell to which it belonged...

But, thats how it ends almost every time, I had looked up gangs before when I had recurring dreams on them, but these guys were like hired mercenaries or assassins not really a gang, I am just wondering what it could all possibly mean, anyone have any ideas?

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It sounds like its a past life experience but some of your dream is getting mixed up with your present day life. Dreams can tell us a lot of things and often deceased relatives will communicate with us through dreams.