For As Long As I Can Remember

I have had strange and vivid dreams ever since I was very little. The first one I remember, I was five. It was one of those dreams where you were trying to run, but your feet weren't really touching the ground, so you weren't going anywhere. I was up in my bedroom with a few people from school, and there was a tornado coming. Everyone ran, but I couldn't go anywhere. So when someone ran past, I grabbed his shirt and held on as he ran, taking me with him. I was just floating in the air behind him. But I wasn't afraid at all. I can still see it as if it happened just last night, and that was 25 years ago.

I also always have dreams with celebrities in them. Again, ever since I was little. And not always people that I like, etc. I have dreamt of everyone from Michael Jackson and New Kids on the Block, to John Travolta and Sandra Bullock. Usually the people I dream about, I either don't know, but I'll know them in my dream (as in, I have never seen them before in real life), or I will know them from school, but not really associate with them regularly. Very strange. Same with places- I hardly ever have a dream in which I am in a place that I know from real life. Like, I will be in a house that I know is my house, even though I've never seen it before. I always dream in color, and often there are colors that stand out more than others.
VendettaVita VendettaVita
31-35, F
Jul 10, 2010