Hallelujah I'm Healed!!!! {{{running Up & Down the Isle}}}

Since early December, 2008 I have been limping, suffering with nerve pain. Sitting, standing, walking, and even sleep was painful (oddly, sex did not hurt, or I forgot about the pain for a sweet minute ).  I've gone to PT, doctors; eaten a TON of pain killers - some of which were opiates, which make me ill.  Still the pain.  I chanted for release daily, and continued most of my usual duties in pain.

I saw an office near my home advertising an acupuncturist.  I walked in, made the appointment and completed my first session today.

I can feel my toes!!!  I can control my back and legs - no tingling or numbness or bumping into things!   I can't wait to go back to complete full treatment and return to jogging, walking and a few other less innocent pursuits.  YEAH!!!!!

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YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Don't stop believing you're healed, please, or it might go away!

Wow I wonder if that would work on my husband. He has back issues. He was in an auto accident in 2007.

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thats great friend

Thanks! I was starting to think parts were going to fall off!

Wonderful news!!!