Do As I Say.... Not As I Do

I was about 16

We were having the old tired argument...Blah blah blah my roof ....blah blah  blah ungrateful....blah blah stop having the last say...blah blah blah.....but I wasn't backing down... I was right....and I said so.....Then whack !! He F ' n  Hit me...and well what would any hot blooded female do...whack him back of course...sent him on his arse...he he he Still have that picture in my mind....priceless. He never hit me again...We have an understanding..  

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Good on you.

the memorys never fade .... but neither does the awsome feeling of never having to see them again. <br />
And the thought that one day they will be old, sitting in their own **** waiting to go to hell.... makes me smile that does :D

thats a great story Iusedto

I had a friend that was telling me and some other friends about the last time his step father had beaten him. He said that he was fighting back and losing and jumped up and ran to his room with step dad right behind him. He went to his closet and got his 22 rifle that he always kept loaded. He aimed at his step father's face and.... click. He said that he and his step day both were were surprised. He never knew who unloaded his rifle or when. Everything ended suddenly without another word and his step dad left the room and never hit him again. You could have heard a pin drop when he told us this story. We all knew it was true.

All I can say is wait until you are a father or mother. It aint so easy...

I was also hit by my father, and I've never told anyone. For 20 years i've put up with verbal abuse and physical abuse threats. He hit me lots when I was younger, but after I payed my own way through Tae Kwon do, he has laid off for the most part. <br />
<br />
I refuse to have friends over, and the memories haunt me.